about st joseph's

We strongly believe that St Joseph's belongs to all of us. If we all - teachers and other staff, pupils, parents - feel we have a stake in the school's success, then we nurture a strong sense of community, of belonging, and of joint endeavour.

We make sure class sizes start and stay small, which allows our expert and dedicated staff to devote the attention they need to the children and their potential. Friendships up and down age groups are encouraged and nurtured. This helps younger pupils feel a sense of belonging, and inspires in older students the qualities of supportiveness and care which foster the warm, friendly atmosphere so many visitors notice.   

Our approach to each individual child at St Joseph's is to imagine how we would want our own children cared for: who's looking after their pastoral needs, who's stretching and inspiring them, who's firing them with a love of learning, who's monitoring their progress and helping to plan their future?

Asking - and answering - these questions repeatedly helps us make sure each child at St Joseph's is as happy, secure and fulfilled as they can be.

  • We currently have two vacancies available, visit our vacancy page for further information
  • Autumn Term begins Wednesday 6th September 2017
  • GCSE results day: Thursday 24th August 2017
  • Next Open Day: Friday 6th October from 10am -3pm - All Welcome