All well at St  Joseph’s

November 15th, 2016 | Posted by Oliver Scott in Events | Headteacher Blog | News

Fire crew and ambulance services reacted amazingly well to the school reporting a minor chemical spill in one of the laboratories today. In line with school policy, departmental risk assessment and best practice, this was reported to the appropriate authorities.

The arrival of medical, fire and hazchem crew to the school was very heartening to see, as well as very dramatic for the children, who reacted in typical St Joseph’s fashion, following instructions as given, remaining calm and ensuring that things progressed as smoothly as possible.

The fire and ambulance services were very complimentary over the school’s handling of the situation and all proceedings put in place to manage the incident and looked after the children with expertise before happily discharging them from the school to go home by bus or with their parents.

I would like to express my thanks to staff, students and parents for the calm and supportive manner in which they have addressed what could have been a difficult situation, and for their help this afternoon. There is certainly never a dull moment as Headteacher.

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