So here it is. My first blog post for the Friends of St. Joseph’s school. My name is Jess and I am mummy to Lili in year 1.

We moved to Launceston last August from London. I run my own businesses from home and have an inability to say no to getting involved with things. I got involved with the Friends of St. Jo’s at Christmas last year as I had offered to do photo shoots at the Christmas Fayre. My idea of hell is sitting in a room of people who all know each other but don’t really know me. I took a deep breath though and was pleasantly surprised.

Far from a cliquey group of alpha females, it was actually a group of lovely mums who all want to help the school through the Friends of St. Joseph’s committee. Since that first meeting I’ve managed to become more and more involved and my latest, warmly received, idea was that of a blog. So I’ve been volunteered to write a blog to keep everyone up to date on the behind the scenes activities and what we get up to.

Since Lisa took over as chair there has been a flurry of activity. She most definitely scores 100% on her enthusiasm and drive. Between her, Rhi and Katie there is a great positive energy about The Friends of St. Jo’s.

Out of their own pockets, Lisa, Katie and Rhi bought every child in the school a packet of smarties. A lovely way to introduce themselves to us parents and of course very popular with the kids! I became a little obsessed with 20ps and even now am finding it hard to spend any! Collectively we all raised almost £500 which is amazing.

You’ll all have seen the Summer Supper party posters up around the school, and hopefully received the email via the portal with the link to book your tickets. It’s going to be great fun with an informal ploughman’s supper, disco and bar. What you probably won’t know is that the committee have been working super hard to get local companies and businesses to donate food and drink, table hire, marquee hire and more. We’ve had an amazing response and we’re so grateful to all the companies who have pledged their support. What’s even more fantastic is that all these donations means that more of the money raised from ticket sales will go to the school.

At the last meeting we discussed the possibility of having a Friends meeting in the evening and not the afternoon, as more people can make that. It’s tricky with people like me, who run a business from home around the kids, and then there are others on the flip side working 9-5 and are only available in the evenings. However, an evening event I can’t attend wouldn’t stop me from volunteering and having “good ideas”! It would be great to see lots more parents get involved with the Friends meetings and events though. We’re a very friendly bunch I promise!

Friends of St Joseph’s

Friends of St Joseph’s have arranged a fantastic opportunity to accompany Radio 5 broadcaster Andy Gillies to a Rugby or Football match in Plymouth or Exeter and see behind the scenes. Silent bids for this auction item can be made to: A great present for friends or family or just treat yourself!

By email: Heading: SILENT AUCTION, giving your name, telephone number or the amount you would like to bid. To be submitted by the end of business on Friday 25 November or hand in your bid in a sealed envelope at the Christmas Fayre on Saturday 26 November.




Cauliflower Card orders raised £96 – Thank you.

Preparations for the Friend’s of St Joseph’s Christmas Fayre are well underway.

Charlie Bear needs a middle name – Tickets for this and Raffle Tickets for some amazing prizes can be bought in Reception. You can pre-book a visit to Santa and/or to have your face painted at the Fayre or book for a free mini photo shoot at Be a Friend and Bake a Cake for the Fayre – details in Reception.

We look forward to seeing you on Saturday 26 November 10am to 1pm.