pastoral care

What is the most important aspect of a school to your family and child as they move into adulthood? 

The majority of the parents and children that we see are in no doubt that a happy, enjoyable school life where every individual child is encouraged to reach their potential is at the top of that importance list. 

This has always been our wish too, and at St Josephs we achieve it by ensuring that our team of Tutors guide your child through from Years 7 to 11, always there to offer help, encouragement and support.   

Tutors meet with their groups every morning and afternoon as well as having three Form Periods per week where any topic can be discussed from class sessions, homework areas, extra activities, problems and help needed to organizing the fund raising Wii Bowling tournament for an upcoming “Children in Need”. Tutors will get in touch with you immediately whenever the need arises and you will have the direct email address of every teacher and member of the administration team in the school in case there is anything that you would like discuss with us.  In Years 10 and 11, your child’s individual workload and progress are closely monitored by the Form Tutor as well as by subject staff and we all work together to ensure that every boy or girl is encouraged to achieve the best possible results for them.

Towards the end of Year 10, pupils are elected by their peers to be House Captains and Deputy House Captains.   The Head Boy and Head Girl Team’s (Head, Deputy Head and Prefects) are elected by the Staff who have watched your children develop and grow into young adults who are ready for that challenge. There are also many other opportunities for pupils throughout the school to take on positions of responsibility and develop their leadership qualities, for example as Form Captain, Vice Captain, Student Council Member, Bus Monitor, Library Monitor, Head Chorister, Team Leaders and Sports Captains. 

Our Year 11 pupils also act as Peer Listeners and are attached to Tutor Groups, dropping in to see their Forms, sometimes working with the Tutor on pastoral support and also helping the pupils with specific issues. Peer Listeners get to know the pupils very well through extra-curricular activities and so become someone to talk to should pupils have a problem and need to chat:   sometimes the best help of all can be offered by a sympathetic peer who really knows what it’s like.

We endeavor throughout to help every child to develop into a happy, fulfilled, energetic and well rounded member of both our school, the local community and society.


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