Joining us

We are already thinking of the new cohorts for Year 7 and Reception 2023 and how we can help all new pupils settle in when they start their St Joseph’s Journey.

At St Joseph’s, the Firm Foundation for Life that is central to our ethos starts from the moment a child sets foot in the building. And while for most that will be at the start of their time in the Junior or Senior schools, we are also welcoming applications to those year groups in which space is available.

This care begins from first contact with St Jo’s, when our Registrar Miss Rebecca Walker will ensure you have the best possible start to your experience of the school. She can be contacted via the school website or her email at, and she will then be in touch to help answer any questions you may have, and arrange next steps with school transition.

Following this, we will arrange a telephone/video call with Headteacher Mr Oliver Scott, who will be very happy to do all we can to ensure you are best prepared for the start of your child’s time at St Joseph’s. We are also now able to offer socially distanced visits to St Joseph's. 

We are able to confirm places via email, and welcome discussion via platforms such as Zoom, WhatsApp or Skype. As applications progress, we will put you in touch with the class teachers or form tutors who will be working most closely with your child to make sure that every step of the journey ensures your child has a fantastic start to their time in our care.

Every child is different, and every St Joseph’s journey is therefore unique. Even in challenging times, we will make sure that we work with you as a family to build a foundation that stays with your child for life.

Please do not hesitate to contact us here at St Joseph’s if you are considering starting that journey with us.

Call us on 01566 772580

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