Mr. and Mrs. Champ

We have nothing but praise for St Josephs. Our daughter joined the school in Year 7 and recently took her GCSEs. From the very beginning she was made to feel very welcome and settled into Senior School very quickly making lots of new friends in her year and soon getting to know most of the other students in the senior school, giving a real sense of belonging. The teachers offer so much more than just teaching your child the given subject, they really get to know your child, show a great deal of understanding, offer lots of encouragement and make the lessons fun. There is a wide range of extra-curricular activities on offer and our daughter has had some fantastic experiences from singing in St Mark’s Basilica, Venice with the choir, performing at the Royal Albert Hall with Canzonetta, to competing in a Netball tournament on a PGL weekend away, not to mention the sense of achievement from gaining The Duke of Edinburgh awards. She has really thrived in the learning environment at St Joseph’s and there is lots of support and advice on offer. We would like to say a huge thank you to all at St Joseph’s for helping her towards achieving her full potential, for helping her to become the confident and adaptable person she is and for ensuring that she has had a happy and enjoyable time.

Mr. and Mrs. Grills

It is a great relief to know we have made the right decision for our children’s education by sending them to St Joseph’s. Their absolute happiness, enthusiasm and contentment tells us this. Our daughter started in Year 2 aged 6 and our son joined Reception class in January the following year. After one taster day our son told us he loved it and asked to stay, so our decision was made! Both our children have settled so well and quickly into their new school routine, forming wonderful relationships with teachers and their peers. We have found that every attention to detail is taken into ensuring a smooth transition into school life. We are so impressed by the professionalism and organisation throughout. Every morning both children are excited for the day ahead. It was a pleasure to read our daughter’s first school report. The detailed report showed us how well the teachers understood her and gave us a few smiles! We are amazed by the change in our son in a matter of weeks. He is concentrating, attentive and finding great enjoyment in learning. The values we encourage our children to hold are reinforced at school. St Joseph’s is a close community with a family feel where friendships are made across the year groups and where kindness and consideration to others is highly valued. It has been very easy to form good relationships with teaching staff. We have been encouraged from the start to openly discuss any matters that may arise. We feel at ease when speaking with the year teachers who are always approachable and deal with any issues quickly and effectively with a common sense approach. An added bonus is the excellent transport provided by the school. There are “St Joseph’s” buses with drivers employed by the school who are CRB checked, providing extra peace of mind.”

Mr. and Mrs. Shute

Our son started St Joseph’s half way through Year 3. He was made to feel immediately welcome and part of the school. After three trial days he didn’t stop talking about what he was learning and said he didn’t want to go back to his old school. That was our answer. For a child to make that sort of decision so quickly, St Joseph’s obviously had made an enormous impact on him (and on us). We have seen him go from strength the strength, developing both academically and in a variety of sports, we have never looked back since. This made it very easy for us to decide that our two daughters would join Reception. When our daughter joined Reception she made excellent progress and that comes from one on one teaching and small class sizes. She was reading within a term, has a large vocabulary of words that she could recognise on sight and can count 1-10 in French! We are pleased that all our children are enjoying their time at St Josephs.

Mrs Leeson

I am so happy we chose St Josephs for our son. When I visited on an open morning I was struck by the happy atmosphere in the school and his taster days confirmed my feelings. My son is really happy in the school and has some lovely friends. I am always struck by the good relationship he has with the staff, not just in his year, but throughout the school, they all seem to know his name (I hope that's a good thing anyway!) The teachers are caring, discipline is very good and the standard of teaching is excellent. He is only 5 so we want him to try out as many activities as he can to see what he enjoys and excels at, and St Jo’s offer those and more. The staff are always available and very friendly and it is always a pleasure visiting the school for parents evenings or events. Lastly, the school encourage outdoor activities and outdoor learning which is so central to our life here in Cornwall.