Happy Monday!

June 1st, 2020 | Posted by Rebecca Walker in News - (0 Comments)

A very happy Monday here at St Joseph’s School with lots of smiley faces back in school. We have been delighted to welcome back children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 along with children of key workers.


Top Tips

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Our Top Tips for Parents with children starting school this September

  1. Visit the school together: this may not be possibly right now but you can ensure that your child has had chance to meet the Reception Class teacher by arranging online face to face time. Our Reception Class teacher Mrs Hampton has also been sending out weekly story telling videos to help start the transition for Reception Class.
  2. Try and teach your child to recognise their own name. Some children may even be able to write their name independently before starting school but being able to recognise their own name will help your child make a great start in the classroom.
  3. Mornings can be especially stressful for both of you. Establishing a good morning routine and make sure your child has breakfast and has everything they need for their day ahead. Give yourself and your child enough time to get ready in the morning especially if they are beginning to dress themselves.
  4. Teach them how to use the toilet and to clean themselves afterwards independently. Explain the importance of hand washing and teach them how to do it properly!
  5. When children start school the day can be very long and tiring for them – allow them time to relax when they get home, whether that’s playing with toys, watching TV, reading books or getting some fresh air. A good evening routine is important, allow time for a calm routine with bedtime stories and remember a well-rested child will benefit the next day. Children need between 10 and 13 hours of sleep a night, making a healthy sleep habit is essential for learning and growing.
  6. Talk to your child about what they are most looking forward to at school, it could be; play time, music, swimming. Discuss the range of activities your child will be involved with. We like to provide an example timetable for you to share with your child prior to starting school.
  7. Ask your child what kind of snack he/she would like to take to school. Discuss this together, plan together and make healthy choices!
  8. Talk with your child in a positive and cheerful way about starting school, read books about starting school, and remember they will have lots of fun with new friends. During those first few days keep yourself busy and try not to worry!

And remember, every child is different and each child starts school with different skills and experiences. All children develop at different stages, talk to the Reception Class teacher if you have any concerns or worries. Our teachers will be taking great care of your little ones and ensuring they have the best possible start to their school journey.

A thank you to our wonderful teachers and all staff at St Joseph’s School from the children and parents of St Joseph’s 🌈



Radio 1 for former pupil Zola

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Congratulations to former pupil Zola Courtney who can be heard every day this week on BBC Radio 1 🥳👏🎤

Radio 1 have chosen Zola’s song Nothing To Lose as their BBC Introducing track of the week!




Mental Health Awareness Week

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This week we are helping to raise awareness of Mental Health Week 2020. Place 2 be have created some wonderful tools to help you celebrate the theme kindness. Can you design a Kindness Cup? Will you award your Kindness cup to a family member? A friend? A neighbour? 🏆 We would love to see your designs and your reasons for your awards!

You can find the full range of resources in the link below