Science Day

September 25th, 2009 | Posted by Rebecca Walker in Updates

Superb Science Day

The whole school were privileged to welcome scientists from the Chemistry Department of Bristol University visit us for the day to give children from the early years up to year 11 and truly magnificent science day.

The children watched in amazement as colourless liquids were mixed turning them yellow; as igniting dragster fuel fumes caused jets of powerful blue flames; they saw the scientists make their own oxygen;  eggs being “fried” in liquid nitrogen; as well as freezing flowers, rubber tubing and  bananas.  We observed bubbling liquids changing colour through a spectrum; we even held the most coldest substance causing it to heat up and make a gas. But what the children enjoyed best of all was seeing individuals jump out of their skins when the hydrogen explosion resounded throughout the school hall.

Year 5&6 also spent time experimenting in the lab mixing liquids to make solids and mixing exact quantities of liquids to predict the timing of a colour change.

We are delighted that Tim, a lecturer in Chemistry at Bristol University and Ben, a research scientist, were able to spend time at St Joseph’s in between their busy schedules.

A very big thank you to Mrs Marks, Junior Science Coordinator, for organising the visit.

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