Year 5 Visit Buckland Abbey

November 10th, 2009 | Posted by Rebecca Walker in Updates

On Tuesday 20th October, Year 5 visited Buckland Abbey to study Sir Francis Drake as part of our history topic this term.  When we arrived we were amazed at how beautiful it was and although it was raining hard, the buildings were still breathtaking.
The barn was the School Room, as well as the clothes room and after putting our stuff away we met our guide June.  June asked us lots of questions before we had our snack. 
Because it was raining we when into the clothes room first and tried on some beautiful Tudor dresses. We wore shifts that are like long white skirts that go under your dress and jacket.  Ladies wore stockings under their dresses as well as hats and bonnets on their heads.  Boys would put on baggy puffy shorts with a jacket and a lovely long cloak.
The big barn was our next stop.  It was huge with a massive cider press.  The monks would store their food and carts here.  Next, after lunch, we visited to the house were Sir Francis Drake lived.  We watched a video about his life and travels, it said that he died of the Bloody Flux and was buried at sea in a lead coffin. We also saw his drum and his treasures.  In the Great Hall were some spy holes high up on the wall were the monks use to watch people.  The second floor had been made to look like a ship with the food the sailors would have eaten.
The strangest thing we saw was a portrait of the last of Drake’s family to live in the house.  Where ever you walked the eyes of the lady followed you.  Despite this spooky lady we all had a great time at the Abbey and learned lots about Sir Francis Drake.
Amber, Gisele, Pearl , Holly, Imogen, Kate, Grace F, Grace W and Tanna,

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