World Book Day

March 15th, 2010 | Posted by Rebecca Walker in Updates

World Book Day

Thursday 4th March was World Book Day and everyone dressed up as book characters.  Members of the Junior School watched World Book Day authors reading online. These authors included Kaye Umansky, Darcy Bussell and Dan Freedman, not forgetting the Fat Controller from Thomas the Tank Engine! We raised around £70 to send to Book Aid and will also be sending the senior’s book mark designs to enter into the national competition. 

Quiz and competition results

Senior Character Parade 

1 Mia Parnall – Year 7 – Northanger Abbey

2 Holly Fanshawe and Georgia Harding Year 8  Red Riding Hood and Granny 

3 Grace Hocking – Year 10 Alice in Wonderland  ( Mock Turtle)


Rosie O’Connell Year 8 Poirot, Abby Logg Year 10 Alice in Wonderland( Jack of Hearts), Anna Tetley and Penny Tilsley Year 10 Alice in Wonderland (Tweedle dum and Tweedle dee)

Junior Character Parade  

Nursery – Charlotte Wilson – Cat 

Reception – Catherine Finn – Witch on a broom 

Year 1 – William Heard – Peter Pan 

Year  2 – Nico   Gruzdev – Beast Quest 

Year 3 – Ava McDiarmid Hall – Puss in Boots 

Year 4 – Hallie Richards – Oliver Twist 

Year 5 – Annie Westlake – The Wizard of Oz ( Tin Man) 

Year 6 – Torin Gillies – Wolf Brother (Torak)

Favourite Authors Quiz

Sophie Jarvis   Year 8 and  Mary-Ann Screech  Year 10  

Book Character Colouring Competition

Nursery – Woody Watson 

Reception – Samanta Age

Year 1 – Darcy  Courtney-Bridgey  and  Yael Lyshkow 

Year 2 – Izabella Turner 

Year 3 – Sam Luckhurst 

Year 4 – Isobel  Fisher

Year 5 – Gisele  Parnall 

Year 6 – Jessica Young


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