The Essentials of Early Years Education

May 28th, 2019 | Posted by Rebecca Walker in News

At St Joseph’s School we know a good start in life is essential. With growing scientific research into early childhood brain development, we understand that giving our children a firm foundation means the best start to life.

A school should be a place where children are safe, happy and excited to learn. As a teacher there is nothing better than seeing the beaming smile on a child’s face when they achieve a simple letter formation for the first time and the excitement of sharing a story with the class is priceless.

These wow moments, although they may seem small at the time, are the building blocks for a good education and a confident child. It is well known that a significant portion of brain development happens within the first five years of life. Each new experience plays its part in forming essential neurological pathways which stay with us for life.

Allowing our children to experience new things, to interact with a range of children and adults and to be in a safe, happy, loving, challenging and playful environment, is something we believe is essential. We should not underestimate the power of a child’s brain. Every experience in the first stages of life will have an impact on their future and we have a responsibility to provide the correct building blocks to ensure a firm foundation for life.

A child starting their journey with us at St Joseph’s has a range of fantastic opportunities as they take their first steps at school: a small class size, a dedicated and outstanding full time class teacher in Mrs Hampton, access to weekly outdoor school and swimming lessons, and specialist teachers for Music and French, as well as access to the many facilities St Josephs has to offer.

If you are considering an independent education for your child we would be delighted to welcome you to St Joseph’s where staff and pupils will welcome you into their classrooms, and you will have the chance to see the school in action.

Mr Henry Matthews

Head Teacher of Junior School


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