Breathe with me at St Joseph’s School   

October 16th, 2019 | Posted by Rebecca Walker in Gallery | News

Breathe with me at St Joseph’s School

A fundamental breathing exercise is poised to become a global art movement, thanks to the efforts of the Danish-born, Berlin-based artist Jeppe Hein. He began the practice of conscious breathing about ten years ago after he suffered an emotional breakdown and has been steadily incorporating the technique in his work Breathing Watercolours, where the lengths and depths of his breathing guide the execution of his paint strokes, and subsequently, inviting visitors to his exhibitions to do the same.

‘After just two exhales of drawing these strokes, they would just look at me and say, ‘I have never felt my breath like this in my life,’ Hein recalls. ‘I’d been doing it for five to six years on my own, but to see other people reacting very strongly, when many just take for granted that we’re breathing, really made an impact on me.’

Inspired by that reaction, Hein invited audiences from around the world to paint their individual breaths. Painted in ultramarine blue, each linear brushstroke represents the exhale of an individual’s breath. Largely variable, due to each participant’s height and lung capacity amongst others, the result is a wonderfully diverse set of simple lines that powerfully stand together as a whole.

In Central Park New York  Breathe With Me welcomed public participants to paint their breath with brushes and paint over six large canvas waves, spanning 600ft, that will wind their way through the heart of the park.

Breathe With Me takes together, today and in the future,’ Hein explains. ‘Ideally, it will encourage people to breathe together “

Last week as part of PSHEE, Year 1 used the Breathe with me techniques inspired by Jeppe Hein in their classroom. The results were beautiful and of course all unique! Well done Year 1.

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