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February 15th, 2016 | Posted by Rebecca Walker in Music | News | Results

Following on from the success of 3 pupils at St Joseph’s gaining places in the National Children’s Choir of Great Britain, a further two members of the Senior Chamber Choir and Canzonetta were successful in their auditions for the National Youth Choir of Great Britain (NYCGB) which were held in November.

Rosanna Rowe and former pupil Cordelia Wood were awarded places in the National Youth Girls’ Choir of Great Britain. Following a record number of students auditioning for places in this choir, around 6 places were available across the UK for the Girls’ Choir.

The NYCGB comprises five constituent choirs for young people aged between 9 and 25: the National Youth Boys’ Choir for boys of ages 9-15, incorporating the specialist changing voices ensemble Cambiata Voices; the National Youth Girls’ Choir for girls of ages 10-15; the National Youth Training Choir for mixed voices of ages 14-18; the National Youth Choir for mixed voices of ages 16-25 and the National Youth Chamber Choir for young professionals and those studying to become professional singers up to age 25.

The National Youth Choirs of Great Britain meet twice each year, during the spring and summer holidays, for residential courses which means its member can still sing with their regular choirs during the rest of the year. The two intensive residential courses provide excellent opportunities to develop vocal technique across a wide range of challenging music, and gain outstanding performance experiences.

St Joseph’s is extremely proud of the fact that, despite being a small school, it can proudly boast of having 9 pupils successfully auditioning for and taking part in national ensembles.

These are:

National Children’s Brass Band of Great Britain: Cathryn Nuta [Tenor Horn, Year 9], Charlotte Nuta [Cornet, Year 9], Holly Whale [Euphonium, Year 9].

National Children Choir of Great Britain: Fallon Gillies [Year 6], Maddie Marsh [Year 7], Hattie Loe [Year 9].

National Youth Recorder Orchestra: Cathryn Nuta [Year 9]

National Youth Choir of Great Britain: Cordelia Wood [Year 8], Rosanna Rowe [Year 10]

If you have a talented son or daughter who would benefit from the musical opportunities at the School, please contact our Registrar, Rebecca Walker on

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