Year 7 at St Joseph’s: A Firm Foundation in an uncertain world.

October 13th, 2020 | Posted by Rebecca Walker in Headteacher Blog | News

The first year of secondary education is a crucial time in any child’s development. It is when new friendships are formed, when study habits mature, when lifelong attitudes to academic work are forged, and when confidence can be fostered.

Without a sure start to Year 7, children can fall behind and much of the hard work of primary years can be wasted. Here at St Joseph’s, we know just how important this transition to the Senior School is. Children in Year 7 benefit from with small class sizes, a focus on the individual child and our proven ability as a school to cherish the talents of every member of Year 7 for who they are, and who they will grow to become.

Year groups in St Joseph’s Senior School have a capacity of 30, and with two form entry that means no tutor group will have more than 15 children, and class sizes are often smaller. As children move into their GCSE classes in Year 9, having made their options choices in Year 8, class sizes are generally smaller still.

Children coming into our Senior School want to learn: classes take place in an atmosphere of mutual respect, and the manners and behaviour the children display throughout the school day are excellent.

Pupils are known by their teachers, and pupils appreciate the lessons they participate in. Excellent relationships underpin life at St Joseph’s, and for Year 7 this means close relationships with their tutors and the pastoral team who work together to ensure every pupil is settled and supported through the first year of their St Joseph’s journey.

Care, compassion and community are central to our ethos, and this is quickly instilled into pupils as they join Year 7. While to Covid-19 pandemic means some changes have been inevitable, we have normalised the school experience for the children in our care, and made sure that Year 7 is still filled with fun and laughter, along with learning and growth.

The excellent online provision of the summer term is ready and waiting in the event of any further need to move to remote learning, and every pupil in Year 7 has a school provided iPad that will enable them to access the full 6 lesson timetable that will be provided in the event of closure.

High quality resources will be made available via Teams, the Pupil Portal and the school’s YouTube channel, along with a mix of live lessons and consistent teacher contact. Assemblies, tutor time and much more are available when the school is online, and all parents are aware of just how this will work across both Junior and Senior sides of the school.

At such a crucial time in the life of Year 7 pupils, we welcome parent of current Year 7s to come and see St Joseph’s for themselves. Socially distant tours of the school are welcome, though we do require all visitors to the school to work with the Covid guidelines we have in place to keep our school community safe.

We are confident that a visit to the school will transform the question ‘why St Joseph’s’ into ‘why not St Joseph’s?’ There are many reasons that we can be the best setting to ensure your child gains a sense of certainty in an uncertain world. Together, we can build the Firm Foundation for Life that will underpin your child’s time in education and throughout their life beyond St Joseph’s.

Year 7 at St Joseph’s: an opportunity today for a brighter tomorrow.

If you are interested in finding out more about Year 7 entry at St Joseph’s please do not hesitate to get in touch.


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