Yr 1 & Yr 2 Travel Back in Time

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Last Friday, Year One and Year Two stepped back in time at Lanhydrock house to investigate their class projects for this term. Year One explored the Children’s Wing of the house and found that life experienced by Victorian children of more than one hundred years ago was very different from that of children today. However, many of the toys seen in the Day Nursery were recognised by the children and modern versions of them still played with by our children today.
Year Two explored the domestic side of Victorian life, with special reference to the type of  food that would have been eaten then, how it would have been preserved and prepared for the table. Life without a fridge and a freezer was actually seen to have been possible, at least for the more affluent Victorians! Our thanks go to Mr John Carter and Mrs Nina Bryan for driving the minibuses and accompanying us on our visit around the house.
Mrs Sue marks

St Josephs term starts with a BANG!

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Explosions, coloured flames, shattering frozen objects and copious amounts of foam were just some of the spectacular demonstrations witnessed by students and staff.

On Tuesday 22nd September pupils and staff of all ages gathered to watch the lecture "A Pollutants Tale", given by Dr Tim Harrison from Bristol University.  The demonstrations illustrated information about the atmosphere's composition.  They included the properties of liquid Nitrogen, the effects of Carbon Dioxide on solution pH and the combustion of Hydrogen.  All the students and staff enjoyed the informative and humorous lecture.

Harriet Dawson, Yr8

The Roman Invasion

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The Romans Invade St. Joseph's School!

Exeter Museum brings history to life in a fantastic educational day for years 2 and 3.

The children and staff all had a fascinating day and learnt so much about their way of life.

We tried on clothing and jewellery, wore armour, held shields and swords, smelt a variety of oils and spices then enjoyed crushing them to make the most delicious aromas.

Sam was wonderful at the sling shot! The children then went on to fight the Britons on the school field. There was some debate about who won the battle. Mr Newton, Chief of the tribe suggested that the Romans definitely won.

A very big thank you for all the parents who joined in with the battle and helped support the children.

Inspired Day at the Tate

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An Inspired Day at the Tate, St Ives

As part of the introduction to their Art GCSE fifteen year 10 pupils visited the Tate Gallery in St.Ives.  They looked in detail at artists such as Katy Moran, Carol Bove, Lucie Rie and Alfred Wallis. The Critical Thinking Workshop lead by Steven Paige, himself an acclaimed and successful artist, inspired and motivated pupils. They all engaged with the artworks and used their sketchbooks to record and draw as they explored the galleries. After lunch the pupils visited Barbara Hepworth’s home and garden making their own sketches of the very impressive “larger then life” sculptures. A great day was had by all and the pupils’ use of descriptive language throughout the visit demonstrates a sound and exciting start to the course. Well done!