Author Visit to St Joseph’s

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Today we were delighted to welcome local author Georgie Adams to St Joseph’s to start our World Book Day celebrations. Georgie spoke to the Junior School classes about how to write stories and where she gets her inspiration. Georgie talked about her experiences as an editor and discussed the journey of producing a book. Georgie spoke to the children about many of her books including ‘The Railway Rabbits’, ‘Nanny Fox’ and ‘Murdoch Mole’. Georgie also read to the children from her latest book ‘Story Time’.

Mrs Hawke was pleased to hear the range of inquisitive questions which came from the children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 throughout the morning.

Year 4 pupils Rhys and Teagan had written short stories for Georgie, she was very impressed with their creative writing skills. Georgie and Year 4 discussed her inspiration for ‘The Charmseekers’ book series and took part in a writing workshop. Year 4 were challenged to write stories and they enjoyed sharing their stories with Georgie.

Thank you to Georgie who visited us today, we now also have a new selection of books from Georgie available in the school library.

Teddy Bear Picnic

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If you went down to the orchard on Tuesday you would have been in for a big surprise….because it was the day the Reception and Year 1 bears had their picnic. After a game of pooh sticks at the river and a run around in the sunshine, the bears enjoyed a cosy indoor picnic of sticky sandwiches made by the children.
Miraculously no bears were lost in the river in the playing of this game….throw the stick, not the bear!!

Here at St Joseph’s the Firm Foundation we build really is For Life – and the friendships that are formed carry forward and are enduring. This was shown by a group of former pupils from the class of 2011/12, the antepenultimate all girls’ year group to leave St Joseph’s, many of whom were recently in touch to show that they remain firm friends.

During a weekend get together, the girls’ thoughts inevitably turned to place their friendship began, the classrooms, halls and playgrounds of St Joseph’s. As they reminisced about their time together, they decided to let us know they were thinking of their alma mater. And so, it was lovely to hear from these former pupils who left St Joseph’s in 2012. Lorna Marshall, Harriet Dawson, Hannah Routly, Lydia Uglow, Emily Kane, Naomi Gillies, Mica Sturdy, Sophie Clare, Laura Champ and Florence Pillman. They were a wonderful year group, and clearly had fond memories of their time together. In the words of the girls:

‘After leaving school in 2012 we all heading in different directions, however, we have managed to stay firm friends. This weekend 10 of us have managed to get together and we wanted to share this with you, as we have been reminiscing about our school days. Our year are the ones that donated the large clock (now seen in the dining room) as ‘the class that was always late!’ We have all been friends since meeting at St Joseph’s, some friendships were made as early as Year 3. Even though some of us get to regularly see each other, due to living in London, it’s not often we can get together. This weekend we have managed to organise a small reunion and 10 of us managed to make it. We had such a special weekend sharing memories about our time at St Joseph’s. We chatted about the adventures of our Duke of Edinburgh award with Mrs Gibson, choir performances with Mrs Mann, speech and drama with Mrs Hayward, history projects with Mrs White, story time with Mr Chalmers, rounders on the school field and some very long prize giving speeches. Attached is a picture from our weekend and here is a little bit of what we are all doing now!”

Harriet- Studying for a PhD in Earth Science at Imperial College London.
Lorna- A Norland Nanny in London
Laura- Currently a Vet at Castle Vets in Launceston.
Mica- The Host manager at Glazebrook House Hotel in Devon.
Lydia- A demi chef de parti working at ‘Pretty Sweet London’.
Hannah- A Seasonal ecologist
Naomi – Talent coordinator at MTV London
Sophie- A Marketing Events Officer in the Mayors’ office London.
Florence- A Civil servant in the Ministry Of Defence.
Emily- Graphic designer in Berlin.

Thank you for being in touch girls – it is wonderful to see the diverse carers you have followed after St Joseph’s. Please do keep in touch! If there are any other alumni getting together, or wanting to get in touch, please do let us know your news – we are always keen to hear what former pupils are up to in the world beyond St Jo’s.


Engineer Visit for Year 4

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On Monday we were visited by parent Mrs Mott who came to talk to Year 4 about her career as an Engineer. Mrs Mott told the children how she had worked to ensure that the trains tyres and brakes were fit for purpose. The children learned about flanges and bogies and had a great time looking at Mrs Mott’s equipment and the ‘rule book’. The children found the talk really interesting. Thank you Mrs Mott!

Yesterday students in Year 9 and 10 were given the opportunity to enjoy a Yoga session with Miss Hemingway and Mrs Gardner. They discussed the benefits of exercise and the positive impact it has on mental health as well as physical health.

There are some great tips below from the charity Mind on why exercise is so important for our mental health.…/physical…/about-physical-activity/