NHS Million

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The NHS have teamed up with artists from around the UK to bring you lots of free poster designs to colour in at home! We would love to see your finished posters and so would NHS Million by using the #NHSMillion

Buzz and Scuttle

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Buzz and Scuttle – from Mrs Hampton.
Marian Hill is an artist and illustrator who has developed a fascination with insects, particularly beetles, Marian is Mrs Hampton’s sister. Her project Buzz and Scuttle was inspired by a research trip to the Digitisation Department at the Natural History Museum in London and a tour through the amazing insect collection in the basement. With the help from a number of ecologists and entomologists she has developed a project called Buzz and Scuttle. The aim of Buzz & Scuttle is to teach children through art and exploration, how extraordinary and important insects are. As well as designing a mini beast identification poster, Marian has been collaging as many UK beetles as possible. She is posting a beetle each day on her twitter feed @hill_marian . You can also have a look at her wider work and the way she uses collage to produce her beautiful pictures at https://www.marianhill.co.uk . Many more schools will be joining the project in the coming months. However, I know Marian is delighted that St Joseph’s is the first school in the UK to use her Buzz & Scuttle Mini-beast Identification chart and beetle identification cards. You might like to use these to help identify any insects you find as part of the Great Bug Hunt 2020. Marian has already been impressed by the beautiful butterfly collages made by the Reception Class at the end of the spring term and would love to see any other collages inspired by her work. Happy Hunting. Mrs Hampton

Postcards of kindness

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During the first week of self isolation Hollie in Year 7 made 13 handmade cards after seeing a post about #postcardofkindness which encourages people to send a card/letter to the elderly, who have now self isolated themselves.
Hollie sent them to a Residents Home in Whitley Bay and her first two responses have come back.
Cath was the first to open her card, it made her day. This is fantastic, well done Hollie 👏.

Reception Class September 2020

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Reception Class September 2020!
If your child is registered to start school with us in Reception Class this September please check your emails 💻 Mrs Hampton our Reception Class teacher has been in touch! If you didn’t receive the email please do let us know.
We still have places available for Reception Class entry, if your child is due to start school in September please get in touch with us on registrar@stjosephscornwall.co.uk and we can discuss the transition process with you.

Home learning!

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From Easter cards to bath bombs, bridges to eggs we absolutely love seeing the work you are all producing at home. Please do keep sending your photos to your teachers, it is a brilliant way to keep our community together.
Below we can see
Jake’s STEM bridge being tested by his pet
Jessica has followed instructions to make bath bombs
Creative Easter cards from Year 2
Eva is dissecting a plant in the sunshine
Eliza-Jayne at her home school desk
Brendan doing his literacy work
Amelie took photos of flowers in her garden and designed a rainbow for her window
Megan with her super recycled egg box chick
Poppy’s egg scene for the ISA competition
Arthur and his tree art
Emily enjoying doing her work the sunshine
Eva reading to her dog in the garden
Well done everyone 🐹🌻🌈🎨