Junior School Council

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Junior School Council 2012

Chairperson – Alicia Jasper

Vice Chair – Alex Hellyar

Secretary – Samuel Mills

Communications Officer – Charlie Barnecutt

Treasurer – Nico Gruzdev

Assistant Secretary – Liberty Scott

Assistant Communications Officer – Yael Lyshkow

Assistant Treasurer – Will Heard




The Junior School Council is a group of students who are elected to represent the views of all pupils and help to improve the school. The council members will hold regular meetings and speak with staff and governors at the school.

Buddhist Shrine

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Year Ten pupils, Beth Benyon and Lizzie Maunder chose to study Buddhism for part of their GCSE RS.  Here they are with the shrine they made in their classroom.  Each item has a religious significance and Buddhists would meditate and chant in front of it as part of their act of worship.  Buddhists have shrines in their Temples and in their homes.

Museum Trip

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The Reception and Nursery Classes enjoyed a fantastic visit to the Lawrence House Museum as part of their ‘Toys’ topic. Many thanks to the museum staff who set up different rooms with a wide variety of original and reproduction toys for the children to explore and play with. Pictured is Matthew Rowland working out how to make the wooden birds peck.

Flashpoint Life Skills Centre

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Year 5 and 6  recently went on a trip to the Flashpoint centre in Bodmin. The centre is a safe secure place that shows children of all ages how to keep themselves safe and make decisions about which situations are good for us and recognise those that are not so good. It has 12 scenarios which are all very different and though you might feel a bit scared you are never in any danger as you might be in real life. The scenarios deal with the risks of fire in the home, road accidents, beach safety, farm hazards, railway dangers, drugs, cyber-bullying and many others. The guides help you decide what course of action to take and how to get help if you need it. My favourite was the bedroom fire. When you went into the bedroom the smoke alarm went off and fake smoke started to come into the room. The guide helped us decide how to tackle the problem and suggested we use the (internal) telephone to make a 999 call to the fire brigade. All the activities made us feel that if we were faced with these difficulties in real life we would now have a head start in knowing what to do to keep ourselves and those around us safe.

Written by Archie Sparrow Year 5 at St Joseph’s School

Pencarrow Win Pancake Race

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Shrove Tuesday was celebrated in the Senior School with pancake races. Pupils represented their house and raced for house points. The pupils enthusiastically supported their teams but Pencarrow came out on top!

Senior Pancake Day Race Results;

Pencarrow 1st 10 points

Lanhydrock 2nd 8 points

Cothele 3rd 6 Points

Trerice 4th 4 points