Pilots and Passengers

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To further enrich our Transport topic, the Year 1 class enjoyed a fantastic morning at Castle Motors and Castle Air. We explored the exciting cars in the showroom and found out what goes on behind the scenes in the workshops. Everyone enjoyed playing pilots and passengers in a real helicopter! Many thanks to Mr Dean Flood for making us so welcome 🚁

Dream School Designs!

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Year 9 have been researching different educational models and designing their own dream schools. They will be presenting them to the class in English as a Speaking and Listening activity. We have discussed the merits of democratic schools and explored the Rudolph Steiner education system. There was much delight in finding schools where you don’t actually have to go to lessons! The schools students designed were innovative and original. They varied from having an intense sporting focus to being based wholly on an outside education experience. Amongst other things students designed menus, mapped the school day, created a behaviour policy and on their iPads designed the schools in 3D so we actually got ‘walked’ around the schools in the presentation.

Year 7 Dragons’ Den

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Year 7 English. Mrs Diffey’s class are honing their presentation skills in a Dragons’ Den style scheme of work. They have invented innovative products, undertaken market research, written a slogan and created a 30 second TV advert for their product. Pictures show them filming their adverts. They will be presenting their products to ferocious Dragons Mr Scott, Glenda and MRs Buxton. Products have included ‘make shift mum and dad’ a machine that picks up clothes from the bedroom floor, folds them and scents  them (thank you Jacob, Finnan, Ben and Eddie for this idea!). The boys can be seen creating the device out of a Hoover, two brooms and a lot of gaffa tape. Other products include a floor length umbrella (a warm and dry Pheobe and Lila), a see through toaster (no burnt toast ever again Zak and Jack), suitcase dividers (organised Ella,Jasmina and Rosy), automatic cleaning equipment (spic and span Rosalyn and Kelly) and soap in a bag (super clean Georgie and Martha). Amazing creative ideas everyone but who will the Dragons invest in?

In January, Year 4 took part in a competition with National Geographic Kids. They had been told about the competition by Year 4 pupil Eva.

The children wrote about how they had prepared for and participated in the Big Garden Bird Watch 2019.

Last week they had the very lovely news telling the children that they had won the prize from National Geographic Kids!

The prize was an ultra hi-res wireless nestbox camera system with nest box, five RSPB Children’s binoculars, an RSPB What’s that Bird book and two bumper bird food gift box with feeders.

Well done Eva and Year 4!