ISA Netball

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SW ISA Regional Netball Tournament

Netball teams from years 8, 9, 10 and 11 travelled to Trinity School, Teignmouth for the annual SW ISA U14 and U16 Netball Tournament on Saturday, 22nd January 2011. 

It was a very cold day but all the teams started brightly.  Matches were extremely competitive and St Joseph’s players gained momentum and strength.  The other schools competing were Bolitho and Trinity.  All four teams and their strength proved too much for St Joseph’s.

During the third round of matches our U16 played our U15 team and the U14 team played our U13 team.  Spirits were running high with the other older teams just winning in both matches.

Players of the tournament were U14A Kate Marks and Rosie Bright; U14B Rosie Hellyar and Emma Gillard; U16A Lauren Jasper and Alex Reeve; and U16B Charlotte Parnall and Beth Matthews.

Thanks you to Trinity School for hosting this event and for all the parental support.


U14A     Tilly Spence, Rosie Bright, Tamara Boundy, Kate Marks, Sophie Jarvis, Hannah Wormald, Lizzie Maunder, Evie Tummon

U14B      Millie Boardman, Rosie Hellyar, Rosalie Endacott, Zola Courtney-Bridgey, Emma Gillard, Esmee Martin, Bella Westlake, Phoebe Stopher-Walker

U16A     Alex Reeve, Lauren Jasper, Abi Logg, Sophie Stevenson, Lily Robinson, Grace Waterhouse, Penny Tilsley

U16B      Amy Meeson, Beth Matthews, Charlotte Parnall, Sammie Rivers, Laura Champ, Mica Sturdy, Harriet Dawson, Belle Seaton, Sophie Webber

Football Vs Egloskerry Primary

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St Joseph’s U11 Football team played Egloskerry at Egloskerry School on Thursday 20th January and had a convincing 12-0 victory in this league fixture.

St Joseph’s dominated this game with spectacular shots from Alex Hellyar and Guy Wakefield from long range.  Michael Barton worked tirelessly throughout the match scoring 6 of the 12 goal tally.

Egloskerry gave a brave performance and didn’t give up.

This was a fine team performance from St Joseph’s who are benefitting from the coaching of Mr Barton

Player of the match was awarded to Maddy Brewer who despite suffering an injury to the face carried on playing.


Maddy Brewer 1, Holly Howells 2, Guy Wakefield 2, Alex Hellyar 1, Michael Barton 6

Representing St Joseph’s:  Rhys John Gardner, Alex Hellyar, Guy Wakefield,  Chris Thorns,  Michael Barton,  James Law,  Archie Sparrow,  Holly Howells,  Maddy Brewer, Max Wickerson Hunt, Sam Mills.

U11 Netball vs Lewannick CP

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St Joseph’s hosted this friendly fixture on Wednesday 19th January . St Joseph’s started strongly and maintained the momentum to gain a convincing victory winning the game 16-1.

This was the Lewannick team’s first match; they worked hard throughout but found it difficult to match St Joseph’s speed of passing and determination to win the ball.

The St Joseph’s shooters Tanna Rundle and Elysia Endacott met their goal tally targets and received the Players of the Match award.

St Joseph’s was represented by: Laura Sant, Annie Westlake, Ruby Clare,

Holly Howells, Jim Luckhurst (capt), Michael Barton, Elysia Endacott and Tanna Rundle.

Tennis at St Josephs

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The Autumn term 2010 has seen much progress on all fronts from our junior and senior tennis players, at St Joseph’s we run an excellent tennis coaching programme offering mini tennis (red,orange,green) and squads for players on the full court as well as individual lessons.

St Joseph’s school offer competitions such as inter house tennis, an annual school singles competition for junior and senior players alike and competitions against other schools.

My vision is for more school competitions for all ages and stages and to get more players participating in club tennis either with me in Launceston or for those who live further a field at their local clubs. With more tennis, playing standards will rise and with more competitions better ratings will be achieved great for the children, great for St Joseph’s.

Any parents wishing to discuss any tennis related matter or just have an update on your children’s progress in general please contact me. I am not just here to teach but to guide you in to the world of tennis should you wish. Launceston tennis club boast a great facility with three full size courts and a mini court all floodlit within the town. Membership for juniors is a real steal at low prices and any players that want to gain access to further practice either with further coaching or practice in general then this is of great value. Any player wishing to get more information can contact me or visit the Launceston tennis club website.

Junior and senior players will have competition information at the end of every school term and it is always good to see new players competing as well as existing players. The coaches most improved mini tennis player this term is Fallon Gillies, Junior player Emma Gillard, Senior player Laura Champ. The Junior school singles champion for 2010 is Torin Gillies who defeated Emma Gillard in a close Junior final, the senior final is delayed but will be between Penny Tilsley and Abigail Logg. The Launceston cup between St Joseph’s and Launceston college and inter house tennis in both the junior and senior school at the time of writing are still to be played. James Brobin

Netball Tour 2010

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During the Autumn Term, a group of Year 9 and 10 pupils from St Joseph’s School travelled to PGL’s Barton Hall to take part in a weekend netball tournament.  As well as netball, students had the opportunity to experience adventure based learning activities.  The weekend was a success with all the pupils improving various aspects of their game.  Amy Meeson got some air under her feet and her game improved remarkably due to this, the average number of times Sophie Jarvis got pulled up for footwork in a match dramatically reduced and the girls all benefited from strict umpiring from experienced officials.  The work ethic and dedication of team members was outstanding, most noticeable were Kate, Hannah, and Tilly.  We hope to take students on a similar weekend next year with a team from each year group. Tour team – Amy Meeson, Tilly Spence, Rosie Bright, Kate Marks, Hannah Wormald, Lizzie Maunder, Tamara Boundy, Sophie Jarvis, Mrs. Gibson and Mrs Watson.