I am delighted to be able to announce that Mrs Caroline Skerry, our inspirational Year 4 teacher and all round St Joseph’s star, has made further waves in the world of science – her specialist subject, but just one of many at which she excels. Never one to stand still, Mrs Skerry has been in the process of applying for Leading STEM Educator status, and we have just had word that she has been successful.

The wise people at STEM Learning who have overseen her application wrote that “This application clearly demonstrates the change in practice and growth in confidence that the CPD you have undertaken has upon you, your colleagues and your pupils. We are pleased to award Leading STEM Educator.”

STEM Learning is an organisation with the stated goal of “working to achieve a world-leading education for all young people in science, technology, engineering and mathematics,” a laudable goal and one that we very much buy into here at St Joseph’s.

I am looking forward to seeing Mrs Skerry continue to inspire young people throughout the forthcoming academic year and beyond: well done Mrs Skerry, we are all very proud of you.

Mr Scott.

Setting off for Coventry and the ISA Autumn Study Conference after such a positive Y9 Options Evening last night seemed quite a journey even at its start. Following road closures on the A30, the M5 and a re-route north of Gloucester, the late arrival had me questioning the wisdom of the journey upon arrival at 1am.

Those thoughts have dissipated over the course of a remarkable day. Sharing ideas and experiences with fellow Headteachers is invaluable for St Joseph’s, and the sessions have been outstanding. A focus on mental health and well being has provided ideas I will be sharing at school, while other sessions have explored resilience  and the school’s role in making the teaching of this explicit and how we can best support learners in the shifting world of today.

ISA are at  the forefront of much educational thought in the UK, and the views shared on the changing nature of the school paradigm have been thought provoking. We cannot make the school all we want without everyone involved reflecting on their own, and the school’s, practice.

My final session has been on child bereavement and how we can support children who are exposed to stories in the media that can seem shocking and without  redemption even to adults. The course leader, a representative of Winston’s Wish, was so helpful when speaking about issues we have faced, and how to help children moving forward. I have certainly learnt from her, and will be looking at how we can use these resources and thoughts to support the children of St Joseph’s as these unavoidable issues affect  them.

Tomorrow is day two, then the return to Launceston. Although I love Cornwall, it is at times like tomorrow’s departure that it seems a little too far away from the rest of the UK.

On Sunday I look forward to seeing those who will be attending at the Remembrance Day parade in the town square. Mr Gonella today led the school in their act of remembrance, so my thanks to him and all of those who ensured all went smoothly (I’m sure!) in my absence. Enjoy your weekends.

Oliver Scott

Castles in the sky

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A cold and misty start to the day here at St Joseph’s, make sure you wrap up warm today and take care driving in to school. Do remember your Guys and I look forward to a great rest of the week.

Good luck to Mr Gonella and his crew who are taking part in the Green Goblin challenge for electric cars at Newquay today. Mr Turner has been working hard to make sure all is in place for the team, and their challenge was saved at the last minute by Mr Holmes who stood in to take the car to the competition when vehicle problems came about last night. Thank you Mr Holmes, the latest recruit to Team St Joseph’s!

Mr Scott


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