Year 11 Students

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We are very proud of our Year 11 students who yesterday said their goodbyes for a now & will continue to learn from home. 6 of the Year 11 pupils started with us at age 2 & yesterday reminisced with Mrs Kemp about the memories they all share! We look forward to celebrating their time at St Joseph’s later in the year.

Mary Poppins 2020

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We are in full production mode for the Senior School Musical of Mary Poppins! The Year 9 students have been working hard painting sets which look fantastic!
Tickets are still available for Mary Poppins and can be booked by the link below ☂️

For British Science week, Years 2 and 3 were asked to think about the following questions:

Are slugs important? Are they superheroes or baddies?

First they sorted and learnt some facts about slugs, such as ‘Slugs use slime to help them travel around. It helps them to glide across rough surfaces, even pieces of glass and razor blades!’  We then all headed off to the orchard in the rain to hunt for slugs! We used magnifying glasses to study them and identify some of the different parts, such as, the breathing hole and tentacles.  Finally some of the children acted out a food chain starting with grass being eaten by a slug, the slug is then eaten by a thrush and that in turn is eaten by a top predator, a sparrow hawk.  We discussed and demonstrated what might happen if slug pellets are used and enter the food chain.

By the end of the investigations the children were thinking much more favourably about slugs and were able to understand, that like all living things on our diverse planet, that slugs have an important role to play.

Well done years 2 and 3 for being such super slug scientists!


We are delighted to celebrate our wonderful competitors who all took part in the Wadebridge Festival of Music and Speech last week. Each year, competitors are invited to compete in a friendly environment against other students from around the local area. It is a fantastic opportunity for students to perform in another venue but also to receive such helpful feedback from prestigious adjudicators. As you can see, our St Joseph’s students did very well indeed. We are very much looking forward to putting more students forward for classes in this Festival in 2021. Watch this space, and well done for everyone who took part. Missing from the group photo, Rosy, Phoebe, Sophie, Eliza-Jayne and Ruby.

Family Quiz Success

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Thank you to everyone who attended the PTA Family Quiz on Friday evening, it was brilliant event with a wonderful atmosphere. Thank you to Steve for being a fantastic Quiz Master, to Glenda for hosting the movie night and thank you to The Countrymen (half of them) who made a surprise performance and had everyone up singing! Congratulations to Rafferty’s Revenge who came away with the St Joseph’s Quiz Cup! Thank you to the PTA team who organised the event and ran the bar. The Family Quiz night made an impressive £413 for the PTA.
The PTA have recently funded 2 new outdoor table tennis tables and purchased new garden tools for the Outdoor School.
The next PTA event is the Easter Bingo taking place during lunchtimes on Monday 23rd March.