Cross Country

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On Friday, 11th March 2011, thirteen Junior School students participated in the Landrake Cross-Country.  This course takes in three ‘Cornish’ miles of countryside and includes steep hills, a saltmarsh, mud and undulating terrain.  The weather this year was kind to the runners as the sun was shining. 

The St Joseph’s pupils warmed up thoroughly and were ready to go. 657 pupils (years 3-6) started the race, the time was ticking. Our runners never gave up and completed the course confidently, although some of them where very tired when they finished.

Congratulations to Michael Barton who came 3rd, an exceptional achievement for a year 5 pupil (pictured above) and Alex Hellyar who finished in 16th place.  Lulu Howells was the 10th girl to finish, excellent for a year 4 pupil.

The other Pupils finished in the first half of all the runners: Harvey Fry 93rd, Archie Sparrow 95th, Ava Diamarid-Hall 101st, Molly Barton 169th, Elysia Endacott 219th, Laura Sant 240th, Macie John-Gardner 262nd, Maxwell Wilkerson-Hunt 286th, Kate Barrett 289th and Sam Luckhurst 302nd.

Thank you to all the parents for their support and to Mr Marsh who completed this difficult course with a smile on his face.

U11 Football vs Egloskerry

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League Champions!

St Joseph’s U11 Football team played Egloskerry at St Joseph’s School on Thursday 3rd March and won 9-0 in this league fixture.  St Joseph’s are now league champions in Division 2 of the Launceston and District U11 Football League. St Joseph’s attacked well form the whistle with goals coming from Michael Barton 7, James Law 1 and Maddy Brewer 1.

St Joseph’s were also well organised in defence. Guy Wakefield stood in as goalie for this match and did well to keep a clean sheet. Egloskerry attacked on the break but were unable to score. Congratulations to Bruno Hargadon who made his debut performance in this game.

Player of the match was awarded to James Law who was focused throughout (pictured above)

Representing St Joseph’s:  Guy Wakefield, Alex Hellyar, Chris Thorns,  Michael Barton,  James Law, Harvey Fry, Archie Sparrow,  Holly Howells,  Maddy Brewer, Max Wilkerson-Hunt, Sam Mills, Bruno Hargadon

On Wednesday 2nd March St Joseph’s U11 Netball team played St Petrocs in a home friendly fixture.

It was a tough game with both sides very evenly matched. The score at half time was 5- 4 to St Joseph’s. St Petrocs continued to mark well and in the second half started to take the lead.

St Joseph’s fought back to win the game 9-8

St Joseph’s players of the match were Wing Attack Alice Borrett who was playing her first game in the A team and Annie Westlake who marked well and made some lovely balanced interceptions and demonstrated great agility when moving around the court.(Pictured above)

Representing St Joseph’s were: Laura Sant, Annie Westlake, Ruby Clare, Holly Howells, Jim Luckhurst, Michael Barton, Elysia Endacott and Tanna Rundle, Alice Borette

National Finals

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Congratulations to four of St Joseph’s School pupils for qualifying for the ISA Cross Country National Finals taking place on Saturday 5th March. The finalists will travel to Princethorpe College, Rugby and represent the South West Team.

Finalists – Hettie Tetley – Yr 7, Michael Barton – Yr 5, Alex Hellyar – Yr 5 and Laura Sant – Yr 6. (Pictured above)

Good luck to you all.

The St Joseph’s U11 team hosted St Petrocs on Wednesday 2nd March to play this friendly fixture.

The teams were evenly matched until half way through the first half when St Joseph’s key player Michael Barton scored twice in quick succession to put St Joseph’s in front.

St Petrocs did not give up and came back strongly in the second half to pull the score back to 2-2.

Guy Wakefield, Archie Sparrow, Holly Howells and Maddy Brewer all had strong performances against this all boys team.

Player of the match was Alex Hellyar (pictured above)

Final score 2-2

Representing St Joseph’s were: Rhys John Gardner, James Law, Harvey Fry, Alex Hellyar, Guy Wakefield, Chris Thorns, Michael Barton,  Archie Sparrow, Max Wilkerson- Hunt, Holly Howells, Maddy Brewer and Sam Mills