Marbling techniques

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Lots of fun was had in Year 7 textiles on Friday morning. The children were learning marbling techniques with Mrs Grigg. Year 7 had lots of fun and made a lot of mess but created some really wonderful results.

Slime investigations!

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Year 11 were studying the Properties of Polymers last week and made slime (with food colouring added). This involved warming PVA glue, adding borax solution drop by drop and stirring well. The glue becomes ‘slimy’ as the borax makes the long polymer chains in the glue link together to form a jelly-like substance. Some of the students made their slime into balls and dropped them on white tiles to see how well they bounce. Great work Year 11.

Exploring Exeter Cathedral

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On Wednesday 6th March Year 10 Religious Studies students and Year 11 History students were accompanied by Mr Duff and Mrs Sweeney to visit Exeter Cathedral.
History students completed individual studies of the Cathedral exploring the many examples of Norman architecture and reflected on the role of religion in society during these times.
RS students investigated the role the Cathedral plays in the wider society and how the Cathedral is organised to aid believers in their worship.
All students were taken on an excellent guided tour, which gave the opportunity for individual questions to be answered. A great day was had by all!

Landrake Cross Country

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Well done to everyone who took part in the Landrake cross country run today. We are very proud of you all. Here are a few photos from the finish!

In a remarkable sign of the strength and vibrancy of the musical life of St Joseph’s school,  pupils from across the school participated in the annual Wadebridge Festival of Music and Speech in the last week.

This prestigious festival runs for five days and includes competition classes for speech, brass, choirs, instrumental and vocal. There were many successes for our pupils during the week, and we have celebrated these in school: huge congratulations to every participant, whether they were a winner or not.

Ruby Kirkwood (Year 4), Darcy Courtney-Bridgey, Isabelle Thorns and Chloe Smith (Year 10) not only won their classes but also received shields for achieving the highest overall mark in their category.

A special mention must go to two remarkable sets of siblings: Ben and Ella Hodgson (Years 7 and 6) who won seven trophies between them, and Alice and Oscar Amankwah (Years 9 and 6) who went home with five awards. In addition, Ben and Ella were both awarded the highest marks in the male and female vocal classes, and Ben was named as the Wadebridge Festival Singer of the Year.

Well done to all of our pupils who took part this year, especially if it was your first time. A huge thank you to all the music teachers involved and parents who supported the children.

Well done to all of you, we are very proud of you all.

Wadebridge Prize Winners:
Year 4 Tilly Goodwin (Piano and Vocal) Ruby Kirkwood (Piano)
Year 6 Oscar Amankwah (Piano and Vocal) Ella Hodgson (Vocal)
Year 7 Ben Hodgson (Vocal) Georgie Gilbert (Clarinet)
Year 8 Oliver Goodwin (Piano)
Year 9 Alice Amankwah (Piano and Vocal)
Year 10 Darcy Courtney-Bridgey (Piano and Violin) Lucas Drayton (Vocal) Chloe Smith (Flute) Isabelle Thorns (Flute, Piano and Vocal)
Year 11 Lucy Rowe (Vocal)

Wadebridge participants
Yr 11 Lucy Rowe,
Yr 10 Darcy Courtney-Bridgey, Lucas Drayton, Chloe Smith and Isabelle Thorns
Yr 9 Alice Amankwah and Daisy Bailey
Yr 8 Oliver Goodwin, Isabel Ivell, Daisy Rae and Brontë Stevens
Yr 7 Georgie Gilbert, Ben Hodgson, Kelly Lam, Rosy Renfree and Louisa Smith
Yr 6 Oscar Amankwah, Phoebe Blatchford Cooper, Ella Hodgson, Sophie Renfree, Hollie Shute, Beth Sobey and Shannon Uglow
Yr 5 Erin Godwin and Millie Rose,
Yr 4 Tilly Goodwin, Ruby Kirkwood and Cecily Whitbread
Yr 3 Jake Godwin