Eco-Schools Bronze Award

November 25th, 2019 | Posted by Rebecca Walker in Gallery | In The Press | News - (0 Comments)
Congratulations to our newly formed Eco Committee who in less than a term have already achieved the Bronze Award! Working with Mr Cattell and Mrs Jones, the Junior and Senior committee have been given this award to recognise their achievement in working towards a sustainable future for the school. The Junior and Senior committees each have action plans and now have varying targets to work towards. The next steps for the councils are:
1- To present their audits and action plans on a display somewhere in the school – watch this space!
2- To meet as a full Council, inviting governors as well as staff, and work out their first steps in addressing our action plans and making sure real change is effected in the school.
Well done to all of our enthusiastic Eco members: we look forward to working with them to achieve the Silver Award.

Cornwall’s Regimental Museum

November 21st, 2019 | Posted by Rebecca Walker in Gallery | News - (0 Comments)

Last week Year 6 took part in 2 workshops at Cornwall’s Regimental Museum in Bodmin last week: Trench Warfare and The Mystery Suitcase. They went into a trench, carried wooden guns, wore uniforms and handled a range of artefacts from WW1. They also took part in a military style team build exercise where they had to work as a team to tie knots and complete a challenge. Finally we all explored the rest of the museum. A great day out and everyone’s keen to return with their Year’s Admission passes that they were given on the day!

Ten Tors Training Begins!

November 21st, 2019 | Posted by Rebecca Walker in Gallery | News - (0 Comments)
Ten Tors: Training Begins
Last week we had our first walk of the Ten Tors training for this year and it was very wet! Pupils did fantastically well in the constant rain, wind and hail at times. They stayed positive and really worked together, supporting and encouraging each other. Huge thanks to Paul Hine and Neil Wraith for their help and expertise. Mr S Matthews.

Children In Need 2019

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Last Friday, schools around the nation raised money for Children In Need. St Joseph’s school decided to take on the feat of collectively achieving the distance of Cornwall’s coast which is a massive 483 km. Throughout the day all students from Reception Class right through to Year 11 used the rowing machines, treadmills and bikes to reach the target. The Junior School pupils collectively swam 27 km during their swimming session, giving the rest of the school a great kick-start to the challenge. With great efforts and red faces we managed to swim, cycle, run and row a victorious 531km (330 miles) and raise over £280! Well done to everyone who participated and thank you to all who donated.
Ellie Tucker – Marketing Prefect

East Cornwall Search and Rescue

November 19th, 2019 | Posted by Rebecca Walker in News - (0 Comments)

With this term’s school charity chosen to be East Cornwall Search and Rescue, pupils at St Joseph’s were excited to be part of a whole school assembly where the important work of this important local charity was explained.

Volunteers Jenny and Simon showed short films and talked the children through a variety of rescue scenarios, from helping locate individuals who are lost through rescues in water, at height and even saving livestock. It was interesting to see the range of rescues the team were equipped to perform, and the vital role that play as they work in conjunction with the emergency services, the Cornwall Air Ambulance and other voluntary organisations.

While Jenny and Simon were great in bringing East Cornwall Search and Rescue to the children, it was Maisie the dog who stole the show. A key member of the team, as well as a much loved family pet, Maisie impressed all who saw her expertly track one Year 8 pupil in an amazing demonstration of her remarkable sense of smell. A big thank you to Jenny, Simon and Maisie for their assembly – we are now looking forward to being joined by members of the team for the St Joseph’s Christmas Fayre on the 23rd of November.