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As part of our topic on India, the Year 2 children enjoyed a visit from Miss Vet last week. Miss Vet had spent some time in India she was was able to give the children a first-hand account of what it is like there. She talked to the children about a range of topics, from the temperature, to the clothes worn, the street children she met and she talked about visiting the Taj Mahal, which has been of particular interest to the children.
The children also enjoyed tasting Mango. They learnt that in India the mango fruit is known as ‘the king of fruits’ and that it is used to make Indian ice cream.
Well done Year 2, it has been great to see you so enthusiastic during your topic this term.

Junior School Waste Week

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This week the Junior School have been focusing on waste and the impact it has on our environment. To support this and promote the use of reusing what others may call rubbish we asked for the Junior School to bring in items such as plastic bottles, plastic bags and cds. This morning Years 4, 5 & 6 worked collaboratively to learn how to upcyle and reuse items we would have never thought of reusing in this way.

Here is a picture of the activity we did in the year 5 classroom; we turned plastic bottles into colourful planters and we got some great inspiration from the internet.

Waste Week 2019

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This week we are participating in Waste Week with various projects taking place throughout the week.
Here Brendan is making colourful patterns with old things we would usually throw away and Freddie is creating a ‘build your own’ construction kit from cardboard boxes. Great work Brendan and Freddie 🌟
In February, some of the students in Years 9, 10 and 11 took part in the Intermediate Maths Challenge, organised by the University of Leeds. Well done to everyone who took part.
Special congratulations to those students who were awarded certificates:
Year 9 Diesel Crossley – Bronze certificate
Year 10 Ella Henry-Brock – Gold certificate and the award for the best in school.
Arlen Morrell-Davies – Bronze
William Stoppard – Bronze
Lucas Drayton – Bronze
Giles Stephenson – Bronze
Year 11 Morwenna Parkhouse – Silver certificate
Alec MacDonald – Bronze certificate.

ISA Runner Up

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As a member of the Independent Schools Association, pupils at St Joseph’s, Launceston have many opportunities to show their talents on the national stage in a wide range of disciplines, from sports to the Arts. In the most recent addition to the school’s busy calendar of Extra Curricular opportunities, pupils were given the opportunity to take part in the National ISA Shakespeare Monologue competition against entrants from all 513 ISA member schools, and we are delighted to announce that Year 7 pupil Ben Hodgson was runner up with his dramatic delivery of a monologue from Macbeth.

 In what was an exceptional performance, judges felt that Ben successfully got to grips with the complexity of Macbeth’s feelings of guilt in his speech, and showed himself to be the embodiment of the troubled King. This was a huge success for Ben, and added to what has been a very successful year for him on the ISA scene: in Autumn, he was announced as a winner at the ISA National Art Competition 2018 in the Sketchbook KS2 and Under for his Year 6 work. A former Head Boy of the Junior School, it seems the sky is the limit for this talented young man.

 In total, 13 students worked for a period of 6 weeks to pull together a dramatic performance of a Shakespeare monologue of their choice. Drama specialists Jo and Paul Diffey supported students and led them from initial read through to the final filmed performance. Their rehearsals in the school hall were quite something to behold, and really showcased the exceptional dramatic talents the school if fortunate to possess. In their reviews, judges also mentioned Jack Joshua in Year 7 for his Midsummer Night’s Dream performance where he was celebrated as ‘a fun Puck’. A huge well done to everyone involved, and a big thank you to Mrs Kate Diffey for overseeing the whole process.