Extra Curricular/Prep

Physical Education is an important part of life at St Joseph's. Our aim is to provide an enjoyable introduction to a wide range of sports and activities. Sport for all pupils begins in the Nursery with every pupil encouraged to take part in Sports Day.

We hope that every child will have an understanding of why a healthy lifestyle is important now and in the future. Sports that are currently offered at St Joseph's include Rugby, Football, Netball, Cross-Country, Athletics, Hockey, Tennis, Gymnastics and Swimming to name a few

Individual skills are taught and used to develop co-ordination, flexibility, stamina and strength. Teamwork and tactics are also developed, encouraging responsibility, leadership and companionship.

In addition to the sport taught in the curriculum St Joseph's offer a varied Extra-Curricular timetable which include a number of different sport clubs which are available at lunch time and after school.

Currently extra-curricular clubs include: Chamber Choir, Craft Club, Art Club, Maths Club, Outdoor School Club, Ball Game Club and IT Club.

Throughout the year we also offer a number of residential trips.