The Library is housed in a dedicated first-floor room that is centrally located and easily accessible to both Senior and Junior students. The layout includes a well-defined Junior area where younger students can listen to stories and explore books in comfort, while the rest of the library has tables and chairs where students can read and work at their leisure or for their twice-weekly timetabled class visits, during which pupils are engaged in a variety of activities with the assistance of the School Librarian.

Junior lessons include research projects that require the use of both reference books and online resources. Children also study poetry excerpts, contemporary and classic children's literature from a variety of cultures, and are given the opportunity to develop their literacy skills. Library skills are taught using a 'hands-on' approach, allowing students to explore the library's resources with the goal of making students independent library users.

One lesson per week is set aside for quiet reading, during which students can simply enjoy a book or browse the shelves with the help of the suggested reading list for their Year group, if they so desire. Help is always available to assist them in locating a book. Reading is regarded as a regular home learning activity, and students are encouraged to borrow library books to read at home. Reading is tracked using Home-School Reading Diaries.

Senior students can come to the library during lunch to read, revise, write, and draw. The Library is a creative space that provides an environment for children to become enthusiastic, independent, and reflective readers and writers, as well as for children to recognise that reading and creative writing are enjoyable, stimulating, and worthwhile activities.

We all enjoy books and we all read.