Pre-Prep (Key Stage 1)

In Key Stage 1 at St Joseph’s School each individual child’s happiness and development is at the heart of everything we do.

Our experienced and well-qualified staff aim to build the foundations for learning in a stimulating, nurturing and fun environment. Every child is encouraged to develop their individuality, creativity, and confidence by taking on the challenges of our varied and exciting curriculum. This is supported by our innovative digital technology supervision, as pupils in KS1 have access to iPads which are used to enhance learning both within lessons and beyond the walls of the classroom.

As our children look to deepen their learning, we meet their needs with specialist teaching in Music, Drama, French, PE, and Art. They have dedicated weekly sessions in the Library and Outdoor School in our beautiful orchard. Children also have the option of extra tuition in Music, Ballet and Tennis.

Through close relationships with our parents, we ensure the learning process is highly effective and we can meet the diverse needs of our learners both academically and pastorally. We are committed to providing a firm foundation for all children in our care, as they look forward to the exciting next steps in their education and the challenges they will face in life.

We would be delighted to meet with you so that you can see for yourselves the wonderful work that takes place at St Joseph’s School.