Celebration of achievement is key to life at St Joseph’s, and the weekly newsletter – arising from a Parent Forum discussion with Mr Scott – is a significant part of our weekly communication with parents. We encourage all parents to let us know of achievements beyond the daily life of the school, and these can be shared with the wider school community alongside many of the events that take place in a typical St Joseph’s week: not that any week is ‘typical’ at such a busy and forward-thinking school.

It is central to our Ethos and Aims that “equal value is given to academic achievement and to the wider areas of the curriculum’ at that we educate ‘the whole pupil in a challenging but secure environment.” The achievements and glimpses into the life of the school that you can find here demonstrate the “vibrant, happy and caring community” that is so important as we show the care, compassion and community that lie at the heart of St Jo’s. We hope you enjoy reading the Newsletter as much as we enjoy our time at school that it reflects.

Summer Term 2024 Newsletters - please click on the links below.

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Newsletter Edition 31

Newsletter Edition 30

Newsletter Edition 29

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Spring Term 2024 Newsletter - please click on the links below.

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Newsletter #24

Newsletter #23

Newsletter Edition 22

Newsletter Edition 21

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