While there is inevitably a tendency for school days to focus on the classroom, here at St Joseph’s we always have one eye on the world we are preparing your children for. Our ethos is one of ‘preparing each child to meet life’s challenges with confidence and enthusiasm,’ and that includes the challenges they will meet in the world of employment that awaits beyond our school.

Our careers provision ensures we can meet our stated aim of encouraging pupils to become ‘confident, competent individuals ready to face the adult world.’ Here, you can see the provision mapping that is in place for your children in the Senior School, and the care and attention to details that goes into providing real world experience for our pupils.

Careers provision is overseen by Mrs Toulouse, who works alongside Mrs Warren to ensure that pupils are provided with external speakers, visits, work experience and more in preparation for the world beyond St Joseph’s. Additional resources can be found in the careers library, and careers advice is interwoven with the PSHEE programme planned by Miss Hemingway.

As a school we are also keen to work with parents and the wider community when looking at careers provision, and encourage parents keen to talk to our pupils about their own profession or experiences in the world of work or further study to email and to discuss the possibility of adding to the provision we have in place.

The world beyond our walls is ever evolving, and many of the jobs those whom we currently teach in the Junior school will take have not even been invented yet. To return to our ethos, if we succeed in encouraging our pupils to become “confident, secure and decisive achievers with the motivation to look beyond boundaries and exploit fully their natural potential” we will equip them with the confidence, skills and resilience to enter the world prepared for every challenge. Careers provision is central to this, and an aspect of St Joseph’s we take very seriously.