Daily Routine

The Senior School day begins as parents drop their children at school any time from 8am, from where they can go either to the library or to their tutor rooms. Our fleet of 7 minibuses arrive at school between 8:10am and 815am, tractor traffic permitting, to be on site in time for the school day to start at 8:20am.

Between 8:20am and 8:30am pupils are with their tutors, allowing notices to be given and registers to be taken. Assemblies take place on Mondays and Thursdays, and these are delivered by students, teachers, the Headteacher and members of the Senior Management Team. These allow for reflection on local and national events, topical discussion that can continue into PSHEE sessions and opportunities to come together as a Senior School community. Whole school assemblies take place at the end of each term, where Junior and Senior students come together in celebration of the term’s achievements.

The school day is composed of six one hour lessons, with 15 minutes for break and 50 minutes for lunch. There are two lessons before break, two between break and lunch, and two from lunch until lessons conclude at 15:35pm.

All pupils eat lunch in our recently refurbished purpose built canteen, where they can choose the day’s hot meal or select the pasta and sauce, jacket potato or the salad bar options that are available every day. As is the case in the Junior School, staff eat with the children in the canteen – and their clean plates are testament to the quality of the meals Mrs Sandercock and her team provide.

At the end of the school teaching day, students are then able be collected and to go home, although most will sign up for a range of after school activities or attend supervised Prep in school.

Prep allows the opportunities for students to complete much of their homework before returning home, and provides the opportunity to do so often in consultation with those staff who are available. Alternatively, there are a range of academic, creative and sports clubs that allow pupils to extend their school day outside of the classroom.

Both Prep and Clubs conclude at 16:40, in time for buses to depart at 16:45pm. Students are registered for their buses, and dedicated bus monitors ensure that younger pupils are collected and escorted to their meeting points.

Following the departure of the buses, there is still the opportunity for students to attend Late Prep if required, which takes place in the Library from 16:45pm until 17:30pm. Pupils should only be on site beyond this time in exceptional circumstances. Members of the Senior Management Team supervise Late Prep from 17:00pm.