German School Partnership

When St Joseph’s MFL department were offered the chance to form a partnership with a school in Germany, the Gesamtschule Büren, we were thrilled and got to work immediately, exploring the range of opportunities this would provide to enhance our students’ language learning.

In June 2019, we hosted two teachers from the Gesamtschule Büren, Mr Julian Vieth and Mr Stephen Robinson, who visited St Joseph’s as a starting point for the link between our two schools. They visited lessons and presented their school to our students, who enjoyed answering questions sent by the German students about school life at St Joseph’s. The teachers were extremely impressed with our school and our students and we began planning some joint projects immediately.

Initially St Joseph’s children will be sending introductory letters to the German school and each student will then be allocated a penpal, with whom they will exchange letters on a regular basis through the year. 

We will also prepare video clips to exchange with the German school, which will give students a good chance to practise their speaking and listening skills. In addition, there will be a chance to work on some joint projects with the school during cultural awareness lessons. This may include projects in art, cookery or sport, for example.

The Gesamtschule Büren is situated in north rhine-westphalia, near Paderborn and Dortmund. Eventually we would like to take a group of our students to visit their penpals, the school and the area, as well as having the German students visit us too. This would be such a valuable experience for the children in terms of both language and culture. Watch this space!

In the meantime please feel free to get in touch with Mrs Scott if you have any queries regarding this link, or any ideas you would like to share. The students have already responded very positively!

Click here to see what Herr Vieth and Herr Robinson wrote about their trip to Cornwall

You can contact Mrs Scott on if you have any questions. 


In October half term, Mrs Scott visited our partner school, Gesamtschule Büren. In her short visit, she was able to see a lot of the school, get to know the teachers and students, explore the local area and start planning for our school exchange! The teachers and students were extremely welcoming and everyone is very much looking forward to the German school’s scheduled visit in June!




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