The Senior School

The Senior School here at St Joseph’s is a warm, welcoming and vibrant community where every child really does matter and feels themselves to be a valued member of the school community. Pupils can join the school at any point until their GCSE years commence, although in certain circumstances we have accepted pupils into Year 10 where this is to the benefit of the individual. Small class sizes are fundamental to the school’s ethos, and Senior School entrance is usually two form, with class sizes up to 15, and usually smaller than this. By Years 10 and 11 GCSE classes in Option Blocks can be from three or four pupils, and only on occasion will the reach double figures outside of Core subjects.

Prospective parents invariably comment on the family atmosphere present in both Junior and Senior schools, and this is very much to the children’s credit. Specialist staff work very closely with the pupils in their care to ensure they feel known, valued and respected, and that their talents will be allowed to come to the fore, in whichever fields they may lie. It is a fundamental part of life at St Joseph’s that pupils feel their voice matters, that they are a part of the school, that they are happy and content. It is from this that they are able to gain the excellent GCSE results of which the school is justifiably proud.

The non-selective nature of the school is key to understanding what makes St Joseph’s the school it is. Pupils from a range of background come together to gain the confidence, self-belief and sense of self that allows them to gain the Firm Foundation for Life that is the school’s motto. What is important to note is that these words really do inform our daily practice in the classroom and beyond, and it is evident in the number of pupils who return to visit the Senior School and who have really benefitted from their time in the school.

Lessons begin at 8:20am, and the day is split into 6 teaching periods, morning break, lunch and a rich variety of Extra-Curricular, or Co-Curricular, sessions that students can select from. These commence at 15:45 and run until 16:40, with buses departing at 16:45. Supervised Prep time is available from 15:45 until 17:30, while a member of the school’s Senior Management Team will remain at school until any pupils whose parents may be running a little late can collect them.

If you would like to arrange a visit to explore our Senior School please contact Rebecca Walker on 01566 772580 or email 

From September 2021 each pupil joining Year 7 in the Senior school is required to have a mobile device. The current device that is purchased through the school is a Microsoft Surface Go. The cost of the device for September 2021 was £456.88 and will be charged on the first round of your billing. Pupils joining the school that are in Year 8 or above in the academic year 2021/2022 will get an iPad if they choose not to buy a Surface Go. The price for the device is very competitive as we are able to buy in bulk, a saving of almost £200 when including the case and Office 365 package (price correct at time of writing, please note that the price may increase or decrease depending on market prices). Safety is always at the forefront of our minds and when this Surface Go device is brought into school, this device will come under the school’s secure internet browsing management system.

Since the introduction of mobile technology and each student having a personal device 8 years ago, they have been invaluable in the learning development of students. The devices have allowed students to research and explore independently, which is an integral skill in learning. It has also allowed for more creative learning to take place with the different features the device allows.

The Microsoft Surface Go device will facilitate the next step in our students learning; its capability, storage, interface and integration capabilities allow for excellent useability. Surface Go’s have all the benefits of a full Windows laptop while retaining the freedom, portability and usability of a touch screen tablet. The school’s licensing allows all staff and students access to the full Office 365 suite, including Teams, which has already proven invaluable during the COVID-19 lockdown.

If you have any questions regarding mobile devices please email Mr Matthews on