Welcome from the Deputy Head

I am proud to welcome you as Deputy Head to our wonderfully happy and successful school - it is a privilege to be Deputy Head of St Joseph’s. I am extremely proud of our school, one that always has the individual at the centre of our thoughts. The school continues to flourish and is full of happy, well-mannered and kind children and staff. This is a testament to everyone's common will to do the best we can for young people.

At St Joseph's, our pupils develop excellent learning habits, and all pupils work extremely hard both to reach their potential, and to exceed the ambitious targets we set. Our fantastic learning environment, with small classes at its heart, allows each and every pupil to flourish. St Joseph’s is a place where every pupil is catered for and where they have every opportunity to become successful life-long learners.

We have a superb and experienced SEN department led by our SENCo and Transition SENCo. This department, like any other, is integral to our school and supporting all pupils along side quality first teaching.

It is my belief that children learn best when they are happy, and all at St Joseph's School work very hard to ensure this. We are very lucky at St Joseph's, and indeed in Cornwall, to have such wonderful natural surroundings. These surroundings play an important role in contributing to pupils’ well-being and happiness.

I set very high expectations of pupils and aim for them to gain essential life skills, so they can become aware of their capabilities and to facilitate their drive to be the best they can be. Children are growing up in an ever changing and increasingly challenging world: a consistent, positive approach, alongside a hard working attitude, will empower them to shape their future and be better prepared for their next steps.

Success in any school depends on the careful balance between academic and pastoral principles and we work closely to nurture an environment in which pupils feel secure to develop into confident, competent, balanced individuals.

It is our aim to give our pupils a Firm Foundation For Life so that, when they leave us, they are well equipped for whatever challenges come next. To this end we provide opportunity in an intellectually stimulating environment for high aspiration and achievement for all our pupils. Our excellent examination results are even more impressive given the fact that we are non-selective. These results are possible because of the strong work ethic encouraged in our pupils and the outstanding dedication of our staff who focus on pupils’ individual needs, enabling them to be the very best they can be.

Our pupils are encouraged to be confident and fluent users of new technologies enabling them to rapidly deepen their learning. Students are balanced in their approach to their whole education, focusing on well-being as well as personal achievement. Pastoral care and a dedication to safeguarding in its widest sense underpin this.

Our pupils are inspired by an outstanding Prefect Team, led by our Head Boy and Head Girl. They lead by example and provide all pupils with the opportunity to contribute to the development of their school through the Student Council.

There is a tangible sense of community here at St Joseph's, supported by our pastoral care system; pupils care about each other, the staff and their environment. Visitors to St Joseph’s often comment on the positive, caring atmosphere that pervades the school. Pupils are encouraged to develop a strong moral compass and embrace local, national and global responsibility.

Our teachers go above and beyond to provide all of our pupils with an excellent education. Our teachers are passionate about the subjects they teach, which effectively transfers to the pupils. This, together with engaging lessons, allows for individuality and expression. Through our inspirational teaching, a caring approach and a rich abundance of learning opportunities within the school and in the wider community, we nurture thoughtful, confident and respectful pupils.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you would like to discuss any aspect of the Senior School. We warmly invite you to come and experience the warmth, vitality and essence of what is St Joseph’s. For us, any day is Open Day and we would be delighted to welcome you to our school.

Mr Sam Matthews
Deputy Head